How the all-round development of a child takes place in Kingston

Kingston high is one of the leading ICSE Schools which follows a holistic approach towards providing a complete education to a student. They focus on the all-round development of a child. 

For providing quality education to the student they make the strategy of a teacher-pupil ratio as 1:30. Classrooms are spread over three floors and are spacious with all the required equipment so that the child has the environment of getting the proper education.

They have classrooms, library, and laboratories.The teachers follow a plan of learning while doing, which makes learning interesting as any mistakes done at this stage gets imprinted in one’s mind and the child learns fast.

There is audio-visual room, activity room, indoor games room, kindergarten playroom and playground, school playground and infirmary.These all facilities make the child comfortable and very important in the learning process.

It is one of the top ICSE schools in Bangalore, and the best preschool in Hebbal.The pre-nursery schools help a lot in the primary education of a child, it has to be of high quality to lay a strong foundation for the academic level of a child. Kingston high excels through knowledge and provides the required education so that the child can feel learning as an interesting process. This helps in increasing the confidence level in a child.

Kingston high lays emphasis on inter-school competitions which have programmes like creative writing, handwriting, spell bee and pick and speak. 

Students interested in music are trained to sing in solo and in a choir accompany of the keyboard for morning assemblies and other school programmes.Importance is also given to activities which have more action like dance which includes contemporary and freestyle. Dance trains the students to be confident, agile and work in coordination.

They encourage students to take part in the role play, skits, stage performances, and musicals. From this, they learn to emote through facial expressions, body language, and voice modulation.Art and craft are also encouraged in a huge way at Kingston high. Events are conducted like Art Day which makes the students work with different materials to create different crafts.

Clay modeling, mask making, origami, making best out of waste are the craft activities conducted once in a month. There are many indoor games which are played to improve concentration skills, mental agility, and teamwork, these include playing chess, carrom and table tennis.

Although the equal emphasis is given to both education and extracurricular activities it is seen that the child does not get overburdened with too many activities. There are counselors who understand that every child is unique and has different abilities which are inherent in him.They have a student counselor from Drishti, who helps both the student and teacher in reaching their goals for emotional well being.

There are other activities like color days, market day, gardening, rhythm and rhyme time, storytelling, national day celebrations, fancy dress day, class picnic and club activities. Students have all the fun while participating in all these activities.

There are also remedial classes which provide extra help to the students in learning the subjects which they find difficult.From 2.9 to 4.9 years is a crucial stage in a child’s life. These are the formative years and this is a period when a child perceives the world to be a place for exploration and unlimited opportunities.

They are not restricted by any boundaries and are the most receptive, affected by every experience they encounter. Kingston high understands this and makes a programme which helps in the all-round development of a child.

They have made the curriculum also interesting which gives equal emphasis and importance to every subject so that the child can learn all the subjects and whichever subject he finds interesting he can think of making a career in that subject.

Their philosophy “Is to care and look after our students with love and respect. To give values, academics, music, sports, and theatre equal importance and ensure every child is an active participant. To develop in our children self- confidence and help them grow up to be responsible global citizens”.

This has made Kingston high as one of the top ICSE and pre-nursery schools in Bangalore.

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