Selecting a school is one of the most important & purposeful pursuits of parents especially for little children. The entire process of finding the right school whether North Bangalore schools or South Bangalore, including the curriculum, setup, activities and more on which the choice is based, differs so very much that there are no standard metrics that they can be compared with. Yet, a school is also a very important contributing factor towards a child’s growth and development and an institution that must be chosen with care. Many parents who come for admissions to schools including Kingston High, cite proper research before even approaching one. Below are a few important criteria that has been compiled which should be borne in mind while selecting the right school for your children. These cover only the most basic parameters but there are other less important ones that you can always factor in. 

1.EDUCATION BOARD - State and Central Board were only two basic curriculum that were previously available. Today however there are a wide set of options, and a majority of schools follow ICSE or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and IB or The International Baccalaureate curriculum too. Besides deciding curriculum on what it can offer for the rest of their years in education, what also matters is whether the curriculum is apt in case children want to study further, will change schools frequently, are subject intensive or whether the board offers additional provisions that can be availed when the time is right.

2. SCHOOL CREDENTIALS - Many national & international schools have made an appearance in recent years and selecting a good school can be a difficult choice. International schools are particularly a school of choice for most parents in urban cities because of options they provide and additional activities that are part of the curriculum. However, selecting a school must be dependent on the needs of the family. It is important for schools to have their board affiliations in place, have the necessary expertise and pedigree and good feedback from students who have already studied there.

3. STUDY APPROACH - Educational approaches vary from school to school. Montessori, Steiner, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia are some of the educational approaches that kid’s between the ages of 3-7 are exposed to apart from conventional schooling. These differ from standard teaching methodologies in that they use different ways to teach kids the same education concept. There are schools that use a single approach, whereas others use a mix of various methods to create their own. Study approaches are very child based, and must be chosen depending on the ability of children to grasp their subject. 

4. FINANCIAL COMMITMENT - As varied as the curricula are and given the dozens of new schools that have come up in almost all areas of Bangalore, one factor that decides choice of school are the fees. The minimum fee for an ICSE school in Bangalore starts at Rs.50,000 whereas for IGCSE schools, it can even go upto a lakh. State boards charge less fees and every board has its pros and cons. Ensuring that you carry out proper research, and keep a separate education fund for the child to manage further school expenditure is the best way to plan education finances. Besides the above important criteria, there are several other factors, including the distance from home, extracurricular activities, how your child adapts to his/her teachers and your response that will decide whether the school is right for your child. Located just a stone’s throw away from Manyata Tech Park, Kingston High in Hebbal is one of North Bangalore’s premier schools that provides ICSE syllabus to its students. Besides the studies, students are also exposed to a wide variety of art, creative classes, sports and extracurricular activity for their all round growth. The school is easily accessible from the Outer Ring Road, has experienced faculty & teaching staff and believes every child is a unique individual. The school ensures that children get quality education without parents spending a fortune and are undergo all round preparation to take on any challenge.

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